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The first comprehensive "baseline" map showing 100 trails/pathways and a total of 28 miles. A bonus map showing Loop Trail Routes in three neighborhoods is now also included. Presently only available to PVE Residents. Obtain the maps here.

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 Learn about us and help preserve and protect  the Parklands and trail system in Palos Verdes Estates (PVE). Also, learn more about PVE's early history, its development involving the renown  Frederick Olmsted, Jr., and challenges confronting trails and land owned by the City.


 A third group becomes Parkland Rangers & VIPS.

 City's Bluff Cove Homes Removed, but...

 New Open Space R/W Policy still postponed - for 3 yrs.

 Parkland Encroachments numbered over 100.

 Parklands Use Policy approved. 

Parkland Trail.

Malaga Cove School.

Mirlo Tower.