By PVE Trails & Open Space Conservancy

PVE  TRAILS thru Parklands & Paths


About PVE Trails.

WHO We Are:  This site was developed by a group of PVE residents.

WHAT We Want to Achieve: To promote the respect of PVE Parklands and the better maintenance of trails.

HOW We're Doing It: Provide information on this web site and offer occasional trail walks to create more awareness and educate residents on Parklands and Trails. Support funding for better trails and to improve the Parklands. Attend Parkland Committee & City Council Meetings. Creating this web site to help inform residents and others.

WHY: Due to concerns over the preservation, protection and proper maintenance of PVE's Parklands and trail system. For residents to enjoy the outdoors, improve their health and get to know their neighbors. 

Please see ourMission/Goals. 

 Any resident that shares our concerns and objectives are welcomed to join, and anyone is welcome to register or donate.