PVE  TRAILS thru Parklands & Paths



Following are several assertions made by PVE residents regarding efforts to improve access to the Parklands and have trails better maintained.   

o Making any repairs will require public restrooms and trail heads, which is unacceptable.

o If public restrooms or playgrounds are added to PVE it would create another Griffith Park.  

o Publicity about Parklands and trails on the Internet would attract "outsiders" who would destroy PVE.

o Any new trails, or just better trail maintenance will cause increase trail use, which inturn will increase vandalism and crime. 

o Better trail maintenance and new trails will trigger ADA requirements making it economically prohibitive.

o California's early prisoners' release program, and better trails, will cause more crimes in PVE.

o The founders of PVE created Parklands, open spaces, trails and Paths that are no longer relevant today.

o If PVE provides trail maps, it will ultimately wind up with the "wrong people."

o Fires on Parklands are more likely the more trails are used.

With regards to some of the noted comments, it's difficult to understand how they may be relevant when PVE is nearly exclusively residential (except for a couple small commercial plazas), has no hotels or transient accommodations, no public bathrooms, only a few (local restaurants), is difficult to drive to and within (it's not close to an interstate), just has a couple ways to safely access beaches (that are mostly rocky, not sandy) and has no public improvements (e.g. restrooms, playgrounds, trail heads, picnic areas, dog parks, swimming pools, amphitheaters,museums, community centers, etc.)

Often the above accusations are deliberately mentioned to promulgate fear and are frequently spread by people adjoining Parklands or Paths. Of course, these are also the people who have the most to gain by taking over Paths and Parklands and limiting access to these public areas, which increases their lot size and property value.

Nevertheless, the PVE Trails Group is cognizant of the above concerns that are also shared by some City Council Members. As a result, this is why our efforts to restore trails and Parklands has begun as more of a grass roots efforts within PVE.  It is also believed best to acknowledge some of the noted concerns, even though we may not concur.  This explains why membership is presently limited to only PVE residents. It also explains why the availability of PVE Trails Map, and other maps that will be published soon, is only for residents. Since these maps are also first drafts, it is believed that by limiting these maps for feedback from local residents who are the most likely users, it will also allow for better feedback and produce more accurate results.


By PVE Trails & Open Space Conservancy