By PVE Trails & Open Space Conservancy

PVE  TRAILS thru Parklands & Paths



  • Factually document the historical Olmsted plan and it's importance to PVE.
  • Summarize the history of PVE City policies regarding parklands, trails and pathways, based on public records.
  • Accurately summarize PVE's CC&Rs and Covenants regarding Parklands, Trails an Paths.
  • Recognize all issues related to resident privacy and security, particularly as they are affected by Parklands, trails and pathways.
  • Encourage constructive dialog to reconcile public interests with private concerns.
  • Work with the City and residents

                  - to establish clear and intelligent trail policies.

                  - to improve trail maintenance and promote intelligent restoration,

                        beginning with the most important links in our trail system 

                  - to begin restoration of primarily native habitat, beginning with a pilot program.