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The different drafts for the Parklands Use Policy discussed by the City Council are as follows:

The Parklands and Trails Policy concepts were presented to the City Council on 7/23/13 and again on 9/24/13.

The Parklands Use Policy First Draft, was presented to the Council on 1/28/2014.

The Parklands Use Policy Second Draft, (with a redline of the 1st Draft), presented in a joint meeting on 3/10/2014.

The Parklands Use Policy Third Draft, (with a redline of the 2nd Draft), was presented to Council on 4/8/2014.

R14-18 is the approved Parklands Use Policy, and is identical to the third draft.  However, implementation of the Policy will not be made until October, 2014, when staff completes a fee schedule for the Parklands Committee.  

A new definition of Parklands and  a revision of Grounds was also proposed for 12.24.010 of the Municipal Code.  


Upon a review of the approved draft (and previous drafts), it is rather clear that the intent of the policy is to protect and provide privacy to those residents who are adjacent to Parklands. In particular, the Policy emphasizes that unauthorized changes to any existing or new trails on Parklands is forbidden, will result in fines to those involved and will result in the closure of the trails/paths for an indefinite period pending a review. Any changes to the Parklands will require a review by the Parklands Committee along with certain fees (as yet undermined until 10/14). The Parklands Committee which has heretofore been more of a Street Tree Committee, has been given broader responsibilities to recommend policies and to make decisions regarding Parklands. Two of the four pages of the Policy simply recite existing municipal codes and refers to a couple ordinances. But the main two pages are essentially limited to basic concepts and principles that basically serve as a guide and help assist the  Parklands Committee in making recommendations.  However, final approval of any Parkland change (or nearly any other city matter) must be approved by the City Council.  

The primary concern with the policy, as expressed by the two Homeowner Associations in PVE (located in Lunada Bay and Malaga Cove) and others, is that there needs to be an adequate balance between the privacy and security of those adjacent to the Parklands and those residents and others who want to use and access Parklands.  Throughout the various drafts of the Policy, the majority of letters and comments made to the Council were critical that the Policy favored the adjoining residents.  You're welcome to make your own decision by reading the prior drafts and the approved policy, noted in the links above.