By PVE Trails & Open Space Conservancy

PVE  TRAILS thru Parklands & Paths


POLICIES for Parklands and Trails 

Current Unpublished Policies

PVE has the following "unpublished" policies regarding city owned land and trails:

 • NO RECREATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS - there are no playgrounds, picnic areas, trail heads, dog parks, restrooms, a band shelter .. 

• LIMITED ENFORCEMENT - there are Volunteer Park Rangers, but no longer a code enforcement officer that is dedicated to removing encroachments and enforcing the city ordinances upon Parkland.

• NO TRAIL SYSTEM MAPS - made by the City for residents, non-residents and limited city maps and information for maintenance.

(However, maps are available to residents of Palos Verdes Esates.)

NO SIGNS -to indicate either the name of a trail, Path or Parkland parcel.  Limited signs state only a few rules and codes.

The PVE City Council Approves a Parklands Use Policy on 4/8/14.

Despite various concerns, and even though the Policy was implemented on October, 2014, to allow the staff to develop fees that the Parklands Committee will require, the Council unanimously approved this Policy. Please see the Summary / Overview and Critique of the Parklands Use Policy.

Official PVE Resolutions

Resolutions concerning city owned land and trails include the following: 

•  Removal of Unauthorized Encroachments in the City's Parklands.

(See R05-32)

•  Private Landscaping of Parklands.

(See R12-05)

• Tree Management Policy on right-of-way.

(See R13-12)

• Curfew Closing Certain Trails at Night

(See R13-703 and the Curfew Memo)

• Parklands Use Policy with summary and critique. (See R14-18)

General Overview of PVE Parkland & Trail Policies

Some of the above resolutions were primarily developed by city staff (e.g. R05-32 & R14-18) or the Parklands Committee (e.g R12-05 and R13-12), with revisions and final approval by the City Council.  There are also some unpublished policies the Council have supported by their actions and comments as shown above.

Essentially the administrative attitude in PVE towards open space has been to avoid any publicity or improvements that may attract attention and people from outside the city, i.e. from "outsiders."  The general attitude in PVE is to keep the city low keyed and not to publicize many of it's qualities and assets. There is a fear by some influential residents that doing so would attract undesirables who would cause crime and ruin the city's relaxed way of life at the edge of a large metropolitan area. But isolating and ignoring the Parklands has created neglect and various types of abuse, including graffiti on trees, litter, drug and alcohol use, vandalism, etc. Please see Challenges. There is a void of providing PVE residents with information about Parklands, trails and other open space in our city. This is a service this web site hopes to help resolve.