By PVE Trails & Open Space Conservancy

PVE  TRAILS thru Parklands & Paths


The map on the right shows the outline of Palos Verdes Estates (PVE) and surrounding communities.

To view a Larger Map, including trails and pathways in PVE, select the bottom of the map image, and zoom in using the "+" sign.

You can also select one of the options in the right corner e.g. "Sat" (for a Satellite image).

Please know that the large green areas in PVE shown on the  map are open space. The irregular parcels are called Parklands, those narrow strips between lots are Paths and strips behind lots parallel to streets are often abandoned Lanes / alleys.   

A larger view of the northern section of PVE is shown below. The more popular trails and pathways are shown with names on Google Maps. Those narrow strips, known as Paths or Lanes but without names, have often not been cleared in years, can be difficult to use and may contain deliberate plantings or other encroachments to prevent their use by an adjoining owner. Especially if you live in the neighborhood and observe such Paths &/or Lanes that you would like to use, please let us know, please advise the City Forester and consider a Parklands Committee application. Whether using pathways or trails, since many of these are very close to homes, please  respect the privacy of the adjoining owners and don't make excessive noise. (See Trail Etiquette .)

MAPs of Palos Verdes Estates