A Hiking Checklist; What to Bring. 

To make your hike enjoyable and avoid complications, please refer to our Trail Etiquette and PVE Regulations. In particular, be sure to have:

  1. Hiking or Walking Shoes with good threads; also good socks.
  2. Water; bring a bottle. If you prefer, snap it to a clip-on belt holder or put it in a backpack.  
  3. Sun Glasses.
  4. Sun Screen and/or Insect Repellent.
  5. Appropriate Dress. Long pants, a long sleeve shirt and a hat are the best way to avoid ticks and mosquitos, especially if hiking through grass or shrubs. 
  6. Cell Phone/Camera in case you need assistance, notice a problem or want to save a scenic view.
  7. House & Car Keys. Don't lock yourself out.

By PVE Trails & Open Space Conservancy

PVE  TRAILS thru Parklands & Paths


Examples of Recent Hikes

We often try to vary our hikes by location and their usually of relatively easy difficulty, but last around 60 to 95 minutes. We also try to provide some educational commentary at points along our hike.
  • A Historical Tour of Malaga Cove
  • The (abandoned and passive) Lanes and Squares in Lunada Bay and Bluff top Trails.
  • The Del Sol Trail that extends from Valmonte to Lunada Bay and that also bisects parts of Malaga Cove and Montemalaga.
  • The (Torrance/PVE) Boundry Trail and Palomino Trails in Valmonte
  • The Corilla Park Stairs and ParCourse in Lunada Bay.
  • The Malaga Cove Creek and Dunes area in Malaga Cove.  


The PVE Trails will provide occasional times that trail walks are available. If you'd like to know of future walks, please contact us.